The MAG+IC Behind Our New Magnesium Line

The MAG+IC Behind Our New Magnesium Line

MAG+IC collection

Do you believe in magic? 

Because we sure do. The magic of every. single. day.

The fact that this day dawned, fresh with new opportunity and life. The sun rose over these beautiful mountains and broke through picturesque cumulus clouds to wake up this hemisphere of the planet. We can even delve deeper in awe of the immense diversity of life inhabiting this planet, a glorified space rock, spinning through space at a wild speed while we try to figure out which coffee lingo we should be using to just get a cup of cold brew from our local barista. Yeah...we're pretty infinite and minute at the same time. 

So let's dive in. Our Mag+IC line is the combination of some potent, amazing beneficial plants and elements. It was thoughtfully designed to make it possible to soothe a whole host of symptoms that result from a Vitamin deficiency that is present in more than half of the United States population.

So, what are we talking about? 

MAGnesium! MAGnesium! MAGnesium is the MAG in our MAG+IC line and this is why.

This essential mineral allows our body to utilize the immune building benefits of Vitamin D. When we don't have enough magnesium in our body it can manifest in a variety of ways. 

  • loss of appetite
  • fatigue and weakness
  • shaking
  • pins and needles feeling
  • sleepiness
  • insomnia
  • muscle spasms
  • hyperexcitability
  • abnormal heart rhythms
  • headaches
  • poor bone health

Now, we are all about consuming your leafy greens, beans, nuts, seeds, and whole grains to keep this element flowing copiously in your vessel, however sometimes we all need a boost. The Magnesium we use to craft our MAG+IC lotion and sticks is transdermal. That's a fancy way of saying your body will absorb it through your pores and put it to use right away. 

ArnICa! ArnICa! ArnICa is the IC in our MAG+IC Line and this is why. 

Arnica is a member of the Asteraceae family (same as sunflowers, dandelions, and echinacea). Yes, we do have a special affinity for Aster plants, being our name is comprised of it, however this plant powerhouse is really special and we think you'll be in love, too. Arnica is highly concentrated with a phytonutrient called helenalin. This compound has been shown to promote the relief of swelling and bruising by stimulating white blood cells to break down excess fluids. Arnica also promotes healthy circulation which assists in your body's natural ability to recover and heal.This beautiful plant friend naturally deters inflammation due to the high concentration of lactones within the flowers. The rich antioxidant concentration can help reduce signs of aging and promote healthy skin cell production in cases of eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea. 

In summary, how does Arnica help support our health and wellness?

  • promotes relief from swelling and bruising
  • anti-inflammatory
  • high in antioxidants (anti-aging/oxidation, eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea)
  • promotes healthy circulation 
  • stimulates white blood cells

We would love to get extra "plant nerdy" with you here, but we'd guess that you'd rather we don't. So instead let us tell you a story as to why we know these products are effective. 

The inspiration behind our MAG+IC Line

Inspiration behind our MAG+IC Line. Meet Heather!

Meet Heather. Heather found us in Flagstaff last year at the Farmer's Market. We immediately vibed at such a beautiful high place. She is one of the sweetest, most genuine people I have ever met. It also doesn't hurt that she is a fellow PA gal, and what can I say, we are a special breed. Heather fell in love with our products and immediately started using so many of them in her every day life. We would see her every week and so and hear about how the lotion, body butter, or face cleansing oil was working for her and her family. Eventually, Heather opened us to about her battles with auto-immune disorders and how strict she has to be about everything that goes on and in her body. She shared with us that her magnesium deficiency was alleviated by skin care products that contained magnesium, but she found them very drying.

Heather already loved our Lemongrass Head-to-Toe lotion and asked if we would be able to incorporate magnesium into the formula. Why...yes...of course we can. Come on though, you all know us, we aren't about to skimp on ingredients or effectiveness. So we decided our MAG+IC lotion was going to bring together Magnesium, Arnica, and of course the gentle scent of lavender. We love to apply this lotion on the bottoms of our feet and Heather especially finds relief when she applies it to her abdomen. The best part? It is such a rich, luxurious formula that skin feels moisturized and happy after applying the MAG+IC lotion. 

MAG+IC Lotion 4oz size

If you are a local and have run into us at a market, odds are you have tried this MAG+IC lotion. Heather has quickly become the very best face to represent our brand (aside from yours truly). She has such passion and knowledge about natural living and how to incorporate our products into your life that she is a natural in our booth at markets. It has been a huge blessing to let go of the reins every so slightly and allow myself to accept help in the market arena, while I focus on building the brand in so many other amazing ways. 

For months Heather asked for a Magnesium stick.  And well, goodness, we have been blessedly busy and focused...but finally Heather's request has manifested and we have launched the MAG+IC sticks.

MAG+IC sticks


  • Are 1 oz, so perfect size for travel or fitting in your purse.
  • Come in three different scents, lavender, peppermint, and earth. 
  • Are exactly what you never knew you needed. 

We really do love this line, but mostly we love helping people feel good about their bodies, their skin, and their every-day routines. We would love for you to give it a try and you can find the entire collection here

 If you really feel like diving in, we are doing a deal for the month of August. Add one 4oz MAG+IC lotion and one MAG+IC stick (any scent) to your cart and get both for $22.95! 


Stay balanced, bright and beautiful my sweet friends. 



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