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Isn't it wild how proximity doesn't always define a relationship? Transplanting from the Northeast to the Southwest United States means I often feel a little far away from those who knew me early in life. The longer we live here, the more I realize location is irrelevant in some relationships. This soap is all about my mom and the connection we have, despite the thousands of miles that are usually between us.

My mom loves ice cream. She might eat only ice cream, if there weren't (minor) health concerns associated with such behavior. We often call each other in the summer while she is on the way to her favorite ice cream stand. She tells us what flavor, while we drool a little and wish we could enjoy it with her. The small, family-owned ice cream stand isn't abundant in sweltering Phoenix. You would think it would be like the taco stands, one on every corner, but it's not. Maybe the extreme heat prevents small business owners from embarking on such ventures. Surely, a taco stand would have a lower air-conditioning overhead cost. Nobody minds if their taco is 110 degrees. Regardless, I always find myself wishing for a trip to the ice cream stand with my mom in the summertime.

Late one night as I was pondering my next batch of soap. I lay in bed thinking of my plants. The herb boxes out front, the beds in the back, the flowers blooming everywhere and making us all sneeze, crossed through my mind. Yes. I really do this. I'm a nerd. No late night debauchery here, just soap and farm thoughts mixed with the occasional book that I can't put down. I wanted the next batch to feel fresh and have contrasting colors so I could experiment with a marbling technique. It all slowly came together, as the best batches do. Peppermint-chocolate, aptly named Peppermmmmint. The white is infused with an amazingly invigorating peppermint essential oil and fresh chocolate mint from our plant. Peppermint oil encourages bright and clear skin and the aroma is energizing. The purple-brown swirl is an extra dark cocoa blend high in antioxidants to assist in maintaining healthy skin. I fell asleep with visions of my next beautiful batch of soapy goodness forming in my mind.

Peppermmmint among its plant inspiration

The next day, I log onto Facebook. My mom had just posted something like this:

'The best part of using the highest quality essential oils available is that you can cook with them. I love adding a drop of peppermint to chocolate ice cream or chocolate milk.'

Connection. It's there, among every one of us. Some of these paths are forged so deeply they are almost telepathic. This is not the first time it has happened between my mom and me. We are often finishing the other one's sentences, having sympathy pain, or calling just as a thought of each other crossed our minds. Distance is a relatively new phenomenon to the human race. Those ties subsist despite any miles and time that may pass. Love you, Mom. (I hope you don't mind that I outed you about your ice-cream habits).

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