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Lavender Love Life

Bedtime Blend with added bonus: Oatmeal Exfoliant

It's true. I'm a little obsessed with Lavender. It has long been my favorite perennial. Struggles in keeping it happy at our low elevation and through the sweltering summer, have yet to deter me from persistently (or crazily) growing it all around our property. Once those characteristic purple flowers fade into dry desert dust, the plant itself is rather inconspicuous, reminiscent of its relative rosemary. An interesting side note, is that the aromas of both have been found to reduce cortisol levels in saliva and increase free radical scavenging activity. Translation: Aromatherapy using rosemary and lavender essential oils reduces stress (therefore the effects of stress) and pumps up your body to eliminate free radicals that have been linked to a host of nasty ailments, including cancer. Check out this article for more details about the study performed by researchers at MeiKai University in Japan.

Admittedly, my lust for this plant has now developed into a solidified affair with lavender in essential oil form. The versatility of this oil lends itself to at least daily use. That's how it begins. A drop here and there instead of commercial perfume, in a batch of lotion, diluted to soothe cuts and scrapes and before you know it lavender has become a necessity, a lovely, gentle, relaxing necessity in the home. Perhaps, it's my mellow disposition and desire to return to that baseline despite any number of chaotic factors that may arise in the day of a mama/urban-farmer/entrepreneur/wife/yeah-you-get-the-picture that leaves me so beautifully impacted by lavender. Maybe we are all innately wired to appreciate certain plant aromas that complement our genetics. Imagine my shock when a close friend sampling my essential oils, recently admitted to me that she doesn't care for lavender. Wait. What!? Yes. That happened. She seems mellow, too, so there goes that hypothesis. It's okay. We are still friends. I'm past the speculation phase and I fully accept my obsession, regardless of the origin.

My husband adamantly requests I not include lavender in every.single.batch.of.soap. Lucky for you, my friend, I value his opinions. I'm pretty certain it would get old to everybody but me. This blend, though, this one highlights the star scent so delicately. Aptly named, Bedtime, this blend is all about the chill out. You will find a luxurious lather scented with lavender and chamomile, highlighted with soothing oatmeal. Does it put my two balls of vibrant night-time energy into their beds any faster? Probably not. It does encourage me to melt into my bath afterwards, though, all the while, lavender diffusing in their rooms to keep the calm sleep energy flowing. Relax. Breathe in. Breathe out. It's all going to be just as lovely as...lavender.

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