• Jessica Marie

Renaissance : Awake

These sunflowers taught me a few life lessons this year. My daughter, son and I planted them early in the spring by scattering the seeds all over the garden beds. We hoped the chickens wouldn't find a way past the barriers and make a quick snack of them before we were witness to the untold potential held within. Those chickens did break into the garden on many occasions after we planted. It may be why only these three made it, but, the display of this trio was inspiring. I watched them sprout in early May, as the sun began to beat down early in the day, reminding me of the heat to come. Throughout the month, they grew and grew, stretching toward the sun threatening to deplete the luscious green leaves of necessary hydration. The plants towered over the garden, promising and teasing us, leaving us wondering if ever we would ever finally see them explode. And still into June we waited. Finally, in the middle of June the first one bloomed as if to say, rebirth happens under strain and struggle. The temperatures have soared this year, and early, it was already 120 degrees Fahrenheit on multiple days. The monsoons have been scarce and that sun, it has traded in those warm caresses for brutal lashes, with little to no respite for all crazy enough to reside here. These sunflowers, though, they have no choice. They are blooming where they were planted, thriving despite all environmental obstacles, only to put on one last brilliant display, wither, and cover the earth beneath with progeny in hopes the show will go on...only getting better with time.

We fight our way into this world, arrive, and celebrate many births and deaths of self along the way. It is often so easy to crave the comfort of the known. Change forces growth and all that uncertainty can leave a bitter after taste. Some of us long to return to what once was our truth. Others see the potential, become excited by the new path and embrace it, discomfort, tears, joy, sweat, pain and all.

This batch of soap came to me with these thoughts percolating in my mind, my soul. The wild orange and coffee dance together to awaken the senses and remind you that your purpose is so deep, so intended, and to find it through living. These aromas uplift the spirit. As the wild freedom of possibility almost dominates, the cedar wood waltzes in and grounds you. The forest reminds us of our roots, our ancestors, the earth, the moss, our home. Dream big. Keep your head in the clouds, but remember those feet should be barefoot and connected to the earth from which we came and will return. Renascence; our awareness; increases with each passing moment. As the moments slip by, our consciousness, depth and wisdom develop us into the person we are intended to be. The legacy we leave behind is most evident by the love we shared, the time we spent, the hope we planted, the truth we lived, and these amazing little people observing every single bit of it along the way...this is what truly remains...what truly matters when the plant finally withers and returns to the soil.

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