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August was a wild ride. We've been preparing for a big fall festival on the East Coast where we will have a chance to share our soapy passion with so many people. I say 'we,' because although I make the soaps, package the soaps, and orchestrate all the details of this production, it's an effort of the entire family. My children are in on cutting the soaps, (sometimes they use them as a frisbee). They help me count or loose count of each batch and their enthusiasm is unmatched when I give them a bar to try out. My son has a knack for loosing his cool every time I get ready to pour into the molds. That's why each batch is extra sweet. Their patience and support are unyielding. I am so blessed.

I live in the midst of a hero. He's not a flying, spiderwebs out of the wrist sort of figure, but a bona fide hero type. The other night on our way to get pizza, his status became obvious. We are eating out way too much, just for ease of existence right now. I'll admit it, whatever. Pizza is good. Cupcake, the stuffed pink bunny, comes with us everywhere. This is not an exaggeration. She is a full time member of the Allen clan. Many meltdowns and near catastrophes have been a result of Cupcake's occasional disappearances. This night Cupcake was riding in the backseat, clutched in the seemingly safe arms of my daughter. When she requested we put down her window I thought nothing of it. Why not, the constant stream of AC during the Phoenix summer can be more stifling than the heat itself. We sat at the intersection of a six lane street and waited for the light. As the light changed and I accelerated, a death scream rose from the backseat. A shriek like I've never heard escaped my sweet girl's lips.

"CUPCAKE!! Cupcake is gone! She's on the road!!"

Already well past Cupcake's asphalt grave and locked into the middle lane by cars on either side, I had to keep driving for a few minutes that felt inflated into hours. Finally able to turn around, we headed back towards the scene, slightly nervous about what would remain. We made our way up to the light and saw Cupcake now in the middle of the intersection, most certainly relocated by a few tires.

I looked at my children's father and he just knew what he had to do. In a split second he is out of the car, walking so briskly he could have been flying. Maybe he was. He scooped up the precious pink bunny in perfect timing as the lights shifted in the opposite direction. My daughter narrated the entire scene from her car seat. The moment Cupcake was safe in her Daddy's arms she exhaled, relaxed and exclaimed,

"Daddy has Cupcake. He saved her. He is a superhero!"

Yeah, I guess the driver never gets the credit they deserve. But, my kid thinks her Dad is a superhero, and really what else could be better for a little girl?

"Cupcake, I thought you wanted to fly. I guess you don't like to fly. I won't let you fly anymore, I promise." These were the sweetest words a child could muster to her favorite road-worn stuffed rabbit.

The soap is called Rescue. Our superhero has a signature scent. This is it, trimmed in pink rose petals to honor our friend Cupcake and her road adventure. The spice of sandalwood and earthiness of patchouli are rounded out by sweet vanilla notes.

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