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Aster Earth has grown. In ways, I never imagined at the inception and will continue to in ways I cannot fathom currently. My passion is poured into every batch of soap, every blend, every essential oil creation, body whips, stroffinatas (scrubs), bath bombs, yep...we do that...I do that...and I make every single one with songs of joy and blessing in my heart. Not only am I the creator, but I get to meet each and every one of you that I share my products with. I've learned some of your life stories, some of your issues, some of your lessons, some of your dreams, some of your histories and as I speak to each one of you, I become truly overwhelmed with the beauty that is life. We are so connected and I am forever reminded of this as we bump into one another at this market or that event, and speak earnestly, genuinely, as people on this planet who have, even if only momentarily, been blessed with each others presence. Never, not for a moment, do I forget that this is a blessing. Sometimes, I become so focused and involved that I forget to breathe. So this week. I breathed. I relished in every one of those beautiful moments you've brought to me. I made many beautiful moments with my family, including overcoming a fear of carousels, because when you are two, carousels can be creepy. I reflected on how far we've come and where we are going.

Truly, I'm a visionary. Not in the sense that I'm a genius, or however that could be interpreted in a conceited manner, but in the way that I see something in my mind and that is EXACTLY how I want it to play out.Let's rewind to my daughter's third birthday party. She wanted a snowman cake. I saw a three-dimensional cake with tiers and homemade butter cream icing, not the hydrogenated oil based stuff of my childhood. Nope, we don't do that. I learned after the third attempt to stack this cake that there is a reason so many bakers like the super unhealthy holds up in Phoenix in October. I resorted to a small snowman, that melted into a puddle; in true fashion; by the time it was served. The night before the party I wept over a snowman cake that my daughter would promptly put her face in and look at me with her big blue eyes and lashes for miles exclaiming "It's perfect Mama!!!" That's the true side of a visionary that most people don't see or choose to expose. We ache at the thought of not reaching a goal, not seeing that imaginary picture manifest that only our minds are privy to.

I am humming away. There are so many events, so many of your beautiful faces to meet, so much goodness to share. I have albums of these imaginary pictures filed away in my mind. This visionary/perfectionism/touch of crazy is exactly why Aster Earth's products are of the quality that keeps each of you coming to meet me at events, often before I'm even set up. I absolutely love it. Finally, I have found this space where my talents and proclivities dance beautifully and serve people in love. Unlike the birthday cake (and trust me, I now have mad respect for those fancy cake makers) when I see a product we will release, I work at it until it is exactly what I envisioned, and sometimes, it's even better. This passion requires that I breathe sometimes or else I get lost in myself, in the vision. It's wild to care so much, but as I promised way back in my first blog over a year ago, when you begin to use our products, you become my family. This family is growing and I am so excited to nurture each and every one of you!

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