• Jessica Marie

This Is How We Do It

Here we are at the circus...the real circus...not just everyday life stuff.

Starbucks had no idea what was about to rain down upon them. My business partner and I have six children between us. Our bond was solidified through the early trenches of motherhood, sleeplessness and general haziness of new life being brought Earth side. These little creatures have grown, but they still have a boisterous nature that keeps us all wondering what might happen next.

Although, there we sat, networking with a new contact about building events, business relationships, health, and the community at large together. We talked dreams, visions, aspirations and current projects, all occasionally interrupted so I could remind my children they are not to be scooting their chairs across the building, running to the bathroom every five seconds or sitting on the dirty floor. My youngest is one and some change (because after three we don't count months anymore). She entertained herself by inserting the straw in and out of my iced chai cup and once she tired of that I even let her have some of the ice (gasp...yep probably got some caffeine off those cubes). This lasted for about an hour until, as most mothers are acutely aware things began to come slightly unglued. So, we exited gracefully. Set up times for the next meetings. Set action points and discussed how great it was to connect with other like-minded individuals.

Completely normal...right?!? What you don't see is that this was the fourth meeting this week that my children attended. Sometimes, it is a total circus. They scream, complain, whine, and then wonder why I'm slightly rattled on the drive away from said meeting. Often though, they sit quietly, bring Legos or even a cursed tablet (lol) and absorb the flow of business happening before their eyes. I am raising independent entrepreneurs. My children have already created multiple businesses they will run in the future, as well as taking over mine once I'm ready. This is how they learn what the face of success looks like. I want them to remember that "Mama showed up and got it done, no matter what happened in the course of the day." I'm teaching them that we need not conform to any societal standard of who we are to be, and especially in business, this is a must for success.

It took me many years to become this comfortable with who I am as a business woman. I am a mother of three young children. Often, my schedule doesn't mean that I will be able to show to your event without one or all of them. Though, I have in the more recent years, made it a point to show up, no matter what, because your blessings can't be doled out if you don't show up to accept them.

If you do business with me, you know all too well that my deliveries and appointments are often accompanied by my tribe and their antics. I will try my best to carve out time to meet with you solo, although sometimes that can't happen. So, please if I come with children in tow, just know I am there. I showed up. It doesn't make me any less of business person, in fact even more so, because the number and depth of obstacles that I overcame just to be there are quite significant. It does mean we have a time limit. It also means I will not be able to sit leisurely without glancing at them regularly to ensure they are not dismantling anything (trust me, you'll appreciate this later). Lastly, and most importantly, it means it is time for us to fully recognize that a woman is so dynamic. We can have it all. We can be amazing mothers, business owners, networkers, friends, builders, and community members. Whatever it is that we lock our eyes on, we can rise to that purpose, exceed the goal, and look for the next big achievement in the pipeline.

This is the new face of business. We don't wear suits, usually. We don't sit in stuffy board rooms. We are up late, often into the early morning. We drink lots of caffeine and possibly wine, though typically not together. We multi-task like nobody's business and most importantly we show up...again and again. We extend our arms to those we do business with and treat you like a part of our family. This is how we are most effective, by replacing competition with community and lack with abundance. Sounds ideal? Well it's a hustle, for real, but we are making it happen. every . single day and we want to grow with YOU!!!

Family Business. My baby girls doing a show with me.

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