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Spiritual Satchel

Spiritual Satchel

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We are all about creating our destiny through positive affirmations here at Aster Earth. This little satchel has includes a variety of ways to bless your life and enhance your spiritual practice.

Smudge Bundle: Spiritual satchels contain one of the following; White sage, sage and lavender, or eucalyptus

Palo Santo: Burning this sacred wood brightens energy, promotes positivity, and reduces anxiety and stress. One piece per satchel.

Incense: Our incense is hand-rolled in Tibet and super charged with positive vibes. The scent is long lasting, yet not overwhelming. Your Spiritual Satchel will contain one box of the following; White Copal, Sweetgrass and Cedar, White Sage and Lavender. 12 sticks per box.

Sacred Crystals: Rose quartz, malachite, Moonstone, Tiger's Eye, Desert Rose the list marches on and on. We've cleansed and charged these crystals under the full moon energy and your Spiritual Satchel will contain 1-3 crystals to enhance your practice.

Each satchel is hand-printed with a positive affirmation for you to create within your existence.

***Please note if you have a preference for contents of your spiritual satchel, please feel free to send us an email along with your order and we will always do our best to accommodate your request.