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Aster Earth

Bath Bomb: Love

Bath Bomb: Love

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Our flowering bath bombs provide an ecstatic experience from the few moments of self-care you can create in a day. Our Love Blend has been carefully hand crafted with notes of lavender and jasmine, to open the heart and allow love to flow to, from and through you. 

Simply drop the flowering bath bomb into your warm and waiting bath but and absorb the aromatherapy while the hand-sewn flower ball within the bomb blossoms before your eyes. 

These flower balls contain green tea leaves that adds a powerful antioxidant boost to your daily skin regimen. 

Breathe. Release. Be. 

Blossom just like the flower you are. 

All is exactly as it should be. 


Directions for Use

Drop into a hot bath and enjoy! After the bath bomb dissolves the tea leaves will open up into a flower after several minutes.

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