A Skin Care Routine Inspired by Desert Life

It's all about the hydration.

We have infused our 3 step face-care line with desert plant essences that restore, promote, and maintain hydrated, happy skin.

How can we help you love on your skin?

Quench my Skin

We embrace holistic science in our skincare.

Natural beauty looks good on you.

Let us show you how.

We promise to use minimal hypoallergenic, plant-based ingredients and omit synthetic fragrances and dyes. Sometimes it does take extra effort to isolate a stable product that is effective, natural and nourishing for the skin tissue. Here at Aster Earth, we believe you are worth all the time and energy in our labs to ensure your natural beauty radiates from the inside out.

Be Radiant. Be Natural. Be you.

Beautiful, Healthy Skin Naturally Glows

Nature provides solutions, we must only be still enough to listen.

Sunflowers are in the Asteraceae family, along with 2500 other species of flowering plants. Asteraceae is the most cosmopolitan and diverse plant family on the planet, inhabiting six of the seven continents. This plant family inspired the name, Aster Earth. We've isolated nature inspired solutions for the skin and home care needs in your family.

Discover Nature's Solutions
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    Love Aster Earth

    "I can't say enough good things about this awesome shop. I love their products. All have good, quality ingredients. Their communication is great and their face oil has changed my life." -Kerry AZ

    Face Cleansing Oil 
  • Big Love

    "I am a huge fan of Aster Earth natural products. great fragrances and amazing results." -Melissa, PA

    You will LOVE 
  • Healthy, Happy Hands

    "Beautiful products that smell amazing. I've tried many cuticle products that didn't help at all. One night with the desert salve and they were dratically improved." -Debbie, TX

    Desert Salve 
  • The Science of Soap

    Many of the soaps available in the big box stores aren't technically soaps. We love the process of saponification (making soap) and we know you'll love how it makes your skin feel. Learn more about the natural soap here

    Lather Up 
  • Do You Believe in MAG+IC?

    We sure do! Magnesium is the "MAG" in our MAG+IC line. Arnica is the "IC." Want to learn more about MAG+IC in your life?

    Read our blog here

    Get your MAG+IC 
  • Our Moon Phases Lotions Bring Balance.

    These hydrating lotions are designed to keep us aromatherapeutically balanced as the moon goes through its 28 day cycle.

    Find Balance 
  • Rose Hibiscus Toner Restores

    Rose hydrosol, witch hazel, tea tree, and hibiscus tighten and brighten the facial tissue in our refreshing toner.

    Get toned