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What's the Big Soapy Deal?

"So...what's the difference between one of your bars and a bar of soap I buy at the store?" -A customer at my show this weekend   The dirty truth is the majority of soap from big corporations, isn't soap. read that correctly. Soap is the product of "saponification." This is the fancy term chemistry nerds like us use to explain the process where liquid oil is turned into a solid bar (or a thick liquid) that lathers and cleanses the body. Saponification happens when the oils are exposed to the very basic (not like mundane and boring basic, but actually basic on the acid-base scale) sodium hydroxide (NaOH). You can also use potassium hydroxide here and that results in...

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Say it with me now, VUL.NER.ABLE. How we've started showing up in business.

Small business truth: People aren't buying your products, they are buying you. Your story, your personality, your inspiration, make you special and keep people interested in your brand.  It's so real. You know the posts that get the most feedback? The ones that are raw, honest mama-business woman life. Like this one The raw potato with a bite out of it, an entire half-gallon of scouring powder, a rainbow coaster from my fellow maker bestie, all on my nightstand with a perfectly imperfect made bed. You guys loved this stuff. I realized as I posted this how  uncomfortable it made me because... Who else's kids are eating raw potatoes? My bedroom is definitely not straight out of Pinterest I was using this...

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