Say it with me now, VUL.NER.ABLE. How we've started showing up in business.

Say it with me now, VUL.NER.ABLE. How we've started showing up in business.

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Small business truth: People aren't buying your products, they are buying you. Your story, your personality, your inspiration, make you special and keep people interested in your brand. 
It's so real. You know the posts that get the most feedback? The ones that are raw, honest mama-business woman life. Like this one
Mama-business life. Entrepreneur life is not for the faint of heart.
The raw potato with a bite out of it, an entire half-gallon of scouring powder, a rainbow coaster from my fellow maker bestie, all on my nightstand with a perfectly imperfect made bed. You guys loved this stuff. I realized as I posted this how  uncomfortable it made me because...
  • Who else's kids are eating raw potatoes?
  • My bedroom is definitely not straight out of Pinterest
  • I was using this product to clean out our tub earlier in the day and I'm pretty sure I shouldn't be taking from the business supply. 
  • The bed is made, but the sheets are creeping off the mattress and there's no duvet cover to keep those comforter tags from flopping all around.
The longer I stared at this picture, the more I picked it apart and convinced myself it wasn't post-worthy.
But, eventually, I did it. 
The raw vulnerability in this pic was refreshing to most of you, because the interaction I got was outstanding. In this moment, I started to realize how much you all want to see genuine business life from my point-of-view, and after nearly a decade, oh, I have some stories. 
The truth is, it's all these imperfections that make me, well me. We strive to create perfect products from Mother Nature, but our ability to be perfect ends there. 
  • I carry mom-guilt, just like you. I wonder if I've done enough, too much, what impression I'm leaving them with, and if they are having way too much screen time. 
  • I sometimes wonder if my unconventional way of earning a living is the "right" way to raise them up. Owning a business can be unpredictable and should I seek out the stability of a "real job." 
  • Am I cooking enough healthy food?
  • Are we eating too much sugar?
  • Are we getting enough exercise?
  • Do these report card grades really matter as much as everyone wants us to believe they do?
  • Am I a good enough friend to my few friends I have managed to maintain connections with? 
  • Am I a good partner? 
  • Why do I have fine lines and aches all of the sudden? I still feel like I'm in my twenties. 
I think you get the picture. I could go on and on. I carry insecurities around in my bucket sometimes, just like you. Here's a little secret we should make widely broadcasted, all of these questions are the human condition. It is ok to feel all of this and more. I do. You do. We all do.
Feel it.
Heal it.
Move forward. 
Our inner-dialogue is a product of our conditioning.  All of these things we tell ourselves are not the truth. They are feelings and feelings are fleeting. The fun begins when we can dig deep and figure out why these are showing up and address those core issues at the root. 
I am now brave enough to tell all, feel all, and keep it real with you.
Guess what?
I'm also brave enough to let you leave me Google Reviews, because I want to hear what you think about Aster Earth and how we are fitting into your lives. If you love the products, amazing, that's why we do what we do. 
If we need to work on something, we want to know that, too. 
Ultimately, we want to make each order a positive experience for you and become a part of your daily routine. 
Google Reviews. It's official we want to hear what you have to say!
PSSSSTTTTT....Google Reviews can be left here
Aster Earth Facebook Live
This is our kitchen table. It's only special because every night for the past five years since I bought it off Craigslist for $200, we eat here. We sit down and look each other in the eyes and talk. My kids act crazy and need to be reminded of table etiquette, but we eat together. I hate the top of it because it is made up of million tiny glass tiles and food, play dough, and almond chocolate milk get stuck in the grout. I wipe it down every single night and never feel like it's clean enough. 
However, this past Saturday it was home to Aster Earth's very first Facebook LIVE.
That inner dialogue went like this...those blinds, no curtains, are the walls clean enough? You're opening your home up to the world. Is it good enough? 
And then I shut her up and did the damn thing. 
Guess what??? It was the most exhilarating, exciting, out-of-my-comfort zone experience I've had in a minute. 
As a result of being able to reach people across the country and connect with them genuinely about Aster Earth, we sent packages out to 7 different states this week alone! We also had a drop-in visit from locals that was absolutely so amazing and gave me all the warm and fuzzies, despite my messy bathroom they had to use because...morning coffee. Packages headed out from one day this week
We're booked for another Facebook LIVE Party this Saturday, a Galentine's Day Event. Would you like to host your own Facebook Party? We even decided to offer perks for being a host. If it feels aligned, reach out. They really are so much fun and we have a ball doing them. Turns out, I'm just as quirky on camera as I am in real life. Who would have thought?
Facebook Live Party for Aster Earth
Whatever today becomes, just remember it's perfectly wonderful to be vulnerable. From within this space of discomfort comes our growth. Open, honest, raw truth is where connections can blossom and grow strong. In a world full of perceived perfection, we are all so hungry for the real. Be the REAL. 
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Hi Jessica,
Meeting you at the Anthem Market has changed my life. I tried your product and it has changed how I can manage my pain in my back, hips, hands, legs, etc. It’s amazing. I know Arnica can do wonders, but your product does so much more.
Thank you.


Hi Jessica, Meeting you was so fun! You and all your products are a blessing to so many! I gave each of my children and significant others their gifts for Valentine’s today! They loved them… I’ll be ordering more soon! 💞😉

Kim Nice

It was such a pleasure to meet you!! I’m so excited to start using all my products. I had many highlights on my trip and you are definitely one of them. Love the blog reading and look forward to reading more🥰❤️

Sandy Odegard

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