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What in the actual F*$K is a Salve???

Pardon our language, or don''s all good. The truth is we believe in the power of all words. So, curse words hold just as much or little meaning as we put into them. Either way, we really love some descriptive colorful words and it just fits here.
We hear this question.. A LOT. At least twenty times per week, we hear someone inquire about what a salve is, how to pronounce the word, why it's important in their lives and how has it evaded them up until this point in their existence.
So let's dive right in.
What the actual F*$K is a Salve?
A salve is any combination of oils, herbs and beeswax applied topically to skin with the intent of easing angry skin tissue. Salves have been used for thousands of years, historically within the naturopathic, botanically-minded community. Some have altered the formulas to be fully vegan, utilizing plant base waxes, but we beelive our bee friends provide the best solution and source our beeswax from local, happy, hives.
Key Ingredients of Aster Earth Salves
  • Extra-Vrigin Olive Oil- We use this to form herbal decoctions (infusions) with plants that seal, nourish, and protect.
  • Beeswax- Thickens the salve. Creates a moisture barrier to seal and protect.
  • Shea Butter- One of our favorite nut butters. The fatty-acid content in this one is off the charts.
  • Cocoa Butter- Fatty acids work to restore, seal, and hydrate the skin...and it smells like chocolate, so yeah.
How to Pronounce the Word Salve?
Pronounce the "L" or don't. It's totally up to you.
But Webster says the correct pronunciation looks like this:
Either way, we'll know what you mean when you ask.
Often auto-corrected to "slave," by Siri, just watch out for that one once you start using this word in your day-to-day communications.
Why is a salve important in your life?
Well friends, this isn't news to most of us, but we've all been washing our hands...way more than normal. Depending on your industry, some of the soaps and sanitizers are necessary every few minutes. These products, though effective at microbe killing, are also stripping down our skin's natural moisture barrier. When this happens, the skin cells become angry, red, irritated, sore, cracked, and dry. Our skin will try to compensate by producing more oils, but if we must continually wash those away along with the germs, the issue only becomes amplified.
Break the cycle. The picture above was just three nights of healing and sealing with our Desert Salve.
Salves not only provide intense moisture, but they also seal in the natural oils so the skin tissue can begin to regenerate. We recommend treating at bedtime so your skin can work its magic while you rest.
How has the magic of Salves evaded you until now?
Well we don't have a conclusive answer for you here, however we believe in Divine Timing. So now that you know what you know, be sure to share with a friend. Find our Desert Salve here

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