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All the Clays Detox Mask
All the Clays Detox Mask

All the Clays Detox Mask

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Some days we need a moment just to treat our skin and say "I love you," to that beautiful face in the mirror. Actually, all the days we need this and our combination of detoxing, purifying and tightening clays will give the opportunity to do just this for yourself.

Fully customizable!

Mix our clay mask with kombucha, water, or apple cider vinegar to the desired consistency and apply. Wait until it hardens and tightens. Rinse away all the toxins and pore clogging agents while revealing your happiest skin.

Our 4 oz reusable jar means no plastic packaging bogging down this purchase.

Ingredients: Bentonitum (bentonite clay), Kaolinum (kaolin clay), charcoal powder (activated charcoal), Rosa damascena (rose) powder, Lavandula angustifolia (lavender) powder