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Aster Earth

Women's Cloth Pads

Women's Cloth Pads

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But wait...Are they?




Difficult to use?

We know.

We know. 

All the questions...

1) Are they absorbent? 

  • Yes! Many of our customers who have "heavy flows" have fallen in love with these amazing cloth pads. 

2) Are they difficult to clean? 

  • No! We find its super easy to pre-rinse them and then throw them in a garment bag and wash in the washing machine on the gentle cycle. 

3) What is the pad made of? 

  • They are made from organic bamboo fibers and activated charcoal. 

We love using these beautiful prints during our cycle and we think you will too! 

Each set consists of:

  • 1 pantyliner
  • 1 medium flow pad
  • 1 heavy flow pad

We choose the colors at random, but if you see one you love, just reach out and let us know! We'll make it happen for you.

Because period care should feel good.


***great for incontinence too. 


Directions for Use

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