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Aster Earth

Dog Care Bundle

Dog Care Bundle

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Dog care products are typically overlooked when it comes to natural products and refillables. 

3 Doggy Shampoos (2-4 washes per bar)
- wet the bar and the pup, rub into the fur to a nice lather, then rinse
- lemongrass to help repel insects, aloe vera for moisture, and coco butter for hydration

1 Coat and Paw Spray:
- aloe vera to freshen and protect fur and paws
- lavender, lemon, eucalyptus for repelling insects

Dry Shampoo
- just like a human dry shampoo, use between baths to keep the coat fresh
- sprinkle on and rub in down to the roots

Pumpkin Biscuits
- all natural human grade dog biscuits made by our friends at Desert Dog Treat Bar.


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