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Aster Earth

Facial Serum

Facial Serum

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Our facial serum is a delicate formula to restore your skin with gentle plant-based peptides and bakuchiol. Glow, hydrate, restore and shine bright with this serum. 

  • Juniper is known for high-antioxidant properties promoting skin cell regeneration.
  • Peptides are little powerhouses that help skin to rebuild, restore, and hydrate. Our serum sources peptides from the pea plant (a natural source of 21 different peptides) and quinoa (a super plant loaded with antioxidants and peptides). 
  • Bakuchiol is a plant-based retinol that is a more gentle alternative to synthetically formulated retinol. 

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Juniper hydrosol, creosote hydrosol, bakuchiol oil, vegetable glycerin, carrageenan, pea protein, optiphen, nyacinamide, spirolina

Directions for Use

After cleansing and applying our herbal toner, apply a small amount of our serum 2-3 nights per week.

NOTE: Do not use the serum in the morning, before or after sun exposure.

This serum is NOT meant to be used every day.

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